Nevada governor decides to relaunch gaming policy committee to address gambling regulations

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval chairs the Gaming Policy Committee and relied on the committee’s guidance in 2012 when the state decided to legalize the online gambling industry once again after the infamous Black Friday scandal. The committee hasn’t been active during the last couple of years but Gov Sandoval has now called for the committee to re-group and discuss the issues posed by the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry.

Nevada decided to ban DraftKings and Fan Duel, two of the biggest DFS companies in the U.S. from operating in the state as gaming regulators deemed that DFS websites were similar to the casino industry as the games were based more on chance than skill, a claim which DFS companies strongly contest.

State gaming regulators want DFS companies to follow a similar procedure as online gambling websites and apply for a sports pool gaming license that would require these operators to pay state gaming taxes. New York and Illinois have decided to follow in the footsteps of Nevada and are also contemplating regulating the DFS industry.

Governor Sandoval believes that the Gaming Policy Committee will be able to address important questions and issues that govern the DFS industry. The governor has asked the committee which consists of 12 members to come up with a new policy that addresses the DFS industry. The committee is made up of members from a number of key departments including tribal gaming, gaming license holders, legislature and gaming regulators.

Nevada governor decides to relaunch gaming policy committee to address gambling regulations

In a statement, Sandoval said “Nevada has always been the epicenter for global gaming entertainment, regulation, and innovation. The industry is constantly changing as more states and countries enter into this increasingly competitive field, and I believe the changes we are witnessing demand the attention of Nevada’s policy leaders. I look forward to working with this committee and its stakeholders to continue to set the pace and standards for global gaming industry”

Governor Sandoval also wants the committee to look at a number of other issues including Nevada’s interactive gaming agreements, skill based games, new gaming devices and other innovations in the gaming industry. The Gaming Policy Committee had not met since 1980 until Sandoval decided to reactive the committee in 2012 to address the issues of the online gambling industry. Nevada was the first state to legalize the online gambling industry and Sandoval wants the state to continue to lead from the front, fix the boundaries and set the pace for the global gaming market.